Excerpts from community Voice Chat held on 4th of August 2021

  • What is the Utility of Richie, there is one building on 360 website that does nothing, it is not updated yet.

Rome was not built in a day, we are only 90 days old and have already started 4 Parallel projects in the ecosystem to look forward to and are constantly striving to bring more on table. …

Once you get a taste of it, you can never get enough. What are we talking about? Of course, it’s all about cool contests!

And here is the mother of all contests — we are pleased to announce a new contest for the Richie Fam ! So, without any further ado, let’s jump into the details.

Buy and hold Richie, make it into the list of TOP participants and win valuable prizes:

Lucky Winner 1: 20,000 USD

Lucky Winner 2: 3,000 USD

Lucky Winner 3: 2,000 USD

Lucky Winner 4: Apple iPhone 12 ($799 USD)

Lucky Winner 5: Sony PlayStation…

Crypto League AMA Featuring Richie (June 11, 2021).

Crypto League & Richie – AMA.

Q: Can you Tell us About $RICH in detail?

A: Richie is all about spreading love and happiness around the globe with those who are in need. The ecosystem is built in a way where you help by doing charity and also earn passive income for yourself with each transaction that happens on the platform. We also have plans like NFTs and gaming to make it more fun! Having said that, Richie is evolving from being just a charity token to become a Tech Token with…

What’s good, my dear Richieans?!

How’s the ride to Planet Rich been so far? I know, I know, all you cool folks have many questions on your mind. And this Flamboyant Fella is here to answer ‘em all!

My dear Ladies, (and Gents too!) here are the answers to a few frequently posed questions to our diamond hearted Playa’

Q. What inspired the team to make Richie?

A: That’s a good one, to be honest. The people behind Richie are an enthusiastic bunch of young blood, chasing an ambition to disrupt the DeFi space by bringing products to our users…

30 days ago… a flamboyant, one of his kind, resident of Planet Rich, Richie made his way in his spaceship to Planet Earth to help those in need.

Here’s reliving those 30 days.

Within the first few days of landing, Richie made his mark on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Blockfolio, Safe Pal, Trust Wallet, Stocktwits, Bsc Scan and Coinbase.

Friendly that he is, during this short period, Richie has already made quite a few friends who are like his family with close to 10,000 friends on Telegram, over 13,000 on Twitter and 1,000 plus on Instagram! …

Our community has stood strong and resilient and weathered the storm amazingly well till now. For a new token, we are full of hope and faith in this family, and this period has only made our faith stronger. 💪💪

Dont forget what’s in store on the spaceship to Planet Rich

- Richfolio, state of the art tracking app

- Governance token, Billion

- NFT program

- 360 degree website, will blow everyones mind

- Partnerships with other big tokens and Brands

- Guerrilla Marketing and Brand development Marketing campaign

- Staking and Farming going live

We will change how the…

Questions from Team Crypto Challengers to Team Richie

Q1. What are the strongest points of ‘RICHIE’ that help to attract investors on the project?

Answer : Richie’s contract has been written and audited by the legendary FEGrox of FEG.

And owing to his genius, there is a unique perpetual marketing contract inbuilt, which means we will never run out of marketing funds.

We also have a charity wallet wherein we will let the community decide to which charity the funds get donated.

Not just that, we also have the backing of two great communities, FEG and GoldFarm.

The community that…

What is Richie?

Richie is the latest Rage — A Community token like no other!!

How? To start with, Richie is made on Binance Smart Chain so that there are less gas fees because Richie cares about your money.

If you missed the DOGE, HOGE, SAFEMOON rocket, worry not, Richie from Planet Rich will help you in ‘Livin’ the Dream’

And guess who has written their contract?

The Legendary @FEGrox of FEG wrote & audited their contract.

Who is Richie?

As the name suggests, Richie is rich but not just by his wallet but also at heart. Hence, Richie is…


Richie is flamboyant, good at heart, lives lavishly & belongs to Planet Rich. His Best Friend? Billion Woof Woof

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