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What is Richie?

Richie is the latest Rage — A Community token like no other!!

How? To start with, Richie is made on Binance Smart Chain so that there are less gas fees because Richie cares about your money.

If you missed the DOGE, HOGE, SAFEMOON rocket, worry not, Richie from Planet Rich will help you in ‘Livin’ the Dream’

And guess who has written their contract?

The Legendary @FEGrox of FEG wrote & audited their contract.

Who is Richie?

As the name suggests, Richie is rich but not just by his wallet but also at heart. Hence, Richie is descending on Planet Earth in his spaceship to provide help where needed as well as help the community grow just like his native planet, Planet Rich.

Legend goes that if you look closely, you can see the golden planet (Planet Rich) shining bright against the dark night sky.

Character Sketch

Flamboyance and Richie go hand in hand. He has a heart of diamond just like all residents of Planet Rich. Richie lives lavishly and dangerously, he has a thing for speed…owns a fleet of lambos and a line-up of spaceships, different colors for different days.

There’s so much more to Richie, but before we forget, did we tell you about his best friend, Billion?

Who is Billion, you ask?

A hint — woof woof !!

Team, Partnerships and community

Richie has an anonymous team but rest assured, they are dynamic, vibrant and flamboyant just like the character. They are experienced and know the crypto industry well. Flag bearers of decentralisation, you will see a huge thrust on social media handles and TG Groups soon. The team has support from some of the legendary community coin teams, support of which is visible on their Telegram Channel .

Purpose of Richie’s life

Richie is a community token in the true sense of the word. There will be a donation wallet instead of a burn mechanism and 1% of the tokens will be allocated there. Putting good intentions to good use, the team will shortlist 4 charities, do a poll and let the community decide. As per the poll results, it will later be donated to charitable trusts that accept donations in crypto. So you earn good karma along with good money.

Richie is also a playa’, you will see exciting games and ‘Billion’ NFT rewards for those who show trust in his friendship and stake.

Richie (Tokenomics)


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Richie is flamboyant, good at heart, lives lavishly & belongs to Planet Rich. His Best Friend? Billion Woof Woof