Richie is Back in Action

3 min readNov 2, 2021

Hello Fam,

We call y’all Fam because come rain come shine, this Fam has braved it all together, supporting us through the occasional bad weather, but we’ve got some good news. The forecast predicts bright and sunny days ahead! Bringing in some updates

Launch of Merchie, finally!

Undoubtedly one of the most successful and awaited events in our ecosystem, the launch of Merchie is around the corner, that’s right, we are launching in the coming week. Those currently holding their precious BILNs will get to mint their BILNAIR NFTs that will not only entitle them to be proud owner of an uber cool BILNAIR NFT Hoodie that’s forever minted on blockchain but also holding them rewards with 1.5x & 2x of extra BILNs that will be distributed among the top 500 hodlers of Richie.

Here are the mechanics :-

● Currently 91 individual wallets hold BILN ranging from 50 to 100

● These wallets are eligible to mint the first generation NFTs of the Richie ecosystem, rarity ranging between Rare and Epic. Holding these NFTs have their own perks, one of them is receiving additional minting fees forever! Yes, you read it right.

● If you are one such lucky hodler, connect your wallet to the merchie store, select your desired NFT hoodie, provide your details and the custom message that you want to engrave on the blockchain which is forever. And MINT!!!!

● Richie as DAO

Emerging as the most powerful community, the power is now in your hands. Holding BILNs and NFTs grants you a fair share of voting power to decide what’s next in the roadmap. Your wish is our command now, quite literally.

Eligibility criteria?

● After every NFT event, the top 500 hodlers of Richie will get to claim their shares of BILN that have accumulated due to minting all the NFTs during the previous event.

● Without announcing the actual time, a random snapshot will be taken within 24 hours, after the event has taken place. The wallets which remain in top 500 as per the snapshot will become eligible to claim their share of BILN as per their holdings in Richie.

● To be fair, the wallets that are contract addresses and dead addresses will be excluded from the list.

● Accumulating these BILNs by just being in top 500 Richie holders will not just decide your weightage in the voting mechanism to help shape up Richie’s future but give them an added advantage of minting free NFTs during future events.

Our collective mission : taking Richie beyond ATH, once again.

A mega NFT event will take place in collaboration with an NFT artiste. A total collection comprising 10,000 programmatically generated NFTs, each unique and different from the other. They will be not just collectibles but also utility based.

How is this exciting?

● In a probable first ever NFT sale that will not happen in the native coin of a particular blockchain, these NFTs will be priced in BILNs. The only way to get your hands on BILNs is by buying Richie and burning them forever.

● Remember, every time 1 BILN is mined, 1,000,000,000 Richie goes to the black hole forever.

● The collectible NFTs will be priced at 5 BILN each, that means looking at the current Market Cap of Richie i.e., 1.88 million dollars, 5 BILN is approximately 25 USD. Now that’s a really small price to pay for future gains, right? Here’s why. These prices won’t remain the same and the price floor of each NFT will increase with the increase in market cap of Richie. A market cap of 4+ million will price these NFTs at 50+ USD.

● There’s more, what we call a pension scheme :) 50% of the royalties collected by trading these will be distributed back to the holders of these NFTs in the first week of each month. That’s passive income for life.

● When we successfully mint all 10,000 NFTs, math says we will be flying beyond ATH once again killing essential zeroes.

Let the hungry games begin! What say?


Team Richie




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