$RICHIE — Standing Strong

Our community has stood strong and resilient and weathered the storm amazingly well till now. For a new token, we are full of hope and faith in this family, and this period has only made our faith stronger. 💪💪

Dont forget what’s in store on the spaceship to Planet Rich

- Richfolio, state of the art tracking app

- Governance token, Billion

- NFT program

- 360 degree website, will blow everyones mind

- Partnerships with other big tokens and Brands

- Guerrilla Marketing and Brand development Marketing campaign

- Staking and Farming going live

We will change how the crypto world looks at community coins with our commitment to quality and fulfillment of promises and with the support of all Richies everywhere.

A few highlights

1. Our boy has been taken cognisance of by Coin Market Cap and Coingecko, both of which have now listed Richie 😎🤝

2. Guess who just verified our diamond hearted Playa’?! BLOCKFOLIO and BSCscan! 🤩

3. We conducted a census of our planet, and its now full of more than 23,000 of each of you amazing residents (hodlers)! Hold on to dear ‘citizenship’, for the passport of Planet Rich will open more treasure chests that you no longer will need a ‘visa’ to go anywhere 😉🥂

4. 500 Trillion FEG have been staked to farm $Richie. Number wise, our boy has sought attention of 1 Million USD worth of FEG! I mean who could resist a playa’ like Richie anyway? 🤑😉 No wonder FEGrox made our contract!

5. $Richie has also been listed on STOCKTWITS 🥳 AND HOW! We trended as #1 cryptocurrency there!

6. $Richie’s Logo & Price have now been updated on PancakeSwap and Trust Wallet — thus no more confusion in identifying the OG Boss and weeding out the wannabe lookalikes!

7. $Richie price charts are now available even on CoinBase! Oh, the rush in signing up our playa’!

Lots more going on in the background. Stay tuned……..


Richie is flamboyant, good at heart, lives lavishly & belongs to Planet Rich. His Best Friend? Billion Woof Woof

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Richie is flamboyant, good at heart, lives lavishly & belongs to Planet Rich. His Best Friend? Billion Woof Woof

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