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Excerpts from community Voice Chat held on 4th of August 2021

  • What is the Utility of Richie, there is one building on 360 website that does nothing, it is not updated yet.

Rome was not built in a day, we are only 90 days old and have already started 4 Parallel projects in the ecosystem to look forward to and are constantly striving to bring more on table. Planet Rich will be integrated with utilities like NFT farming where if you hold PlanetRich NFTs, you will be able to farm partner tokens and get an advantage like discounts/priority in their ecosystem

  • After the Emperor fiasco, there is not much new development in Richie and team members not active in the community.

DeFi and Cryptos comes with its own risk, the Emperor fiasco was unfortunate and no one ever wants to get into such collaborations purposely, we are still getting a lot of partnership offers and we are even more careful than before. Having said that, no matter how hard we try, new projects are not 100% secure from rugs and bugs in the project. When we get into a collaboration with a project, the motive is to reach out to a wider audience and be helping each other. Richie, does not endorse investing in a partner coin directly or indirectly, that choice should be of the investor completely.

The development is still on and the team is well aware of the concerns of the community.

  • One community member accused the team of taking profit on Richie.

The marketing and development wallet is public and open for everyone to audit, please check if that wallet was anywhere involved in creating a massive dump, it does have small and responsible trades but all the expenses were made towards the project development, server costs and marketing.

Most of the presale participants’ addresses are still untouched. Team don’t intend to sell any in near future however, its DeFi and everyone here has a right to take calls and profits of their assets.

  • Team needs to join the call and listen on mute mode even if they don’t want to speak, never heard RichieRox’s voice, he never came on call.

All VC gets recorded and then distributed to team members in case they miss the chat, pointers are made and concerns are discussed internally. RichieRox or anyone from the team will never be on VC since the entire team is anon.

  • People holding Billion and Emperor, it keeps them reminding that there is no utility of those, so they hate Richie more.

Billion has its worth equal to 1Billion Richies, the tokens will be used to mint the NFTs and the official merchandise will be shipped to NFT holders as promised. We are working to finalize a new design for the first edition of Hoodies since the previous one is getting scrapped. Emperor, again we are no one to take a call on that.

  • Who is working on NFT? is it fomolabs? fomolabs is working with US artists, then we need to bring in fomolabs on call to speak about it.

We have our in-house team to design NFTs, we are open if anyone from the community wants to join the design team to create amazing utility based NFTs.

  • Announce Richie playa if he is still the marketing head.

Richie Playa is very much a part of the family. He is constantly working towards the marketing of this project along with other core members. He just took a break for a while since we all believed it was required.

  • Need a developer to listen on mute in tomorrow’s call.

Like mentioned earlier, we are always around and the team is well aware of the concerns of the community, even if anyone misses the VC, they catch up because of the recordings.

  • iOS listing is taking too much time. Can we do something?

Team heard you all and came ahead with a change in plan. We are working on a webapp so that no one misses out on the perks that RichFolio offers. The same was not mentioned in the roadmap so our timelines will get pushed by a week or so. We are sure over delivering will be worth it and the community will appreciate teams efforts.

Exciting days are ahead everyone, team Richie is one of the most trusted and responsible teams out in this space. We are working hard to deliver more than what we have promised, all we need is this community’s constant trust and support. Everyone aboard the spaceship, let’s head to Planet Rich together.


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Website – https://getrichie.com




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