Team Richie’s First AMA with Crypto Challengers!

8 min readMay 3, 2021

Questions from Team Crypto Challengers to Team Richie

Q1. What are the strongest points of ‘RICHIE’ that help to attract investors on the project?

Answer : Richie’s contract has been written and audited by the legendary FEGrox of FEG.

And owing to his genius, there is a unique perpetual marketing contract inbuilt, which means we will never run out of marketing funds.

We also have a charity wallet wherein we will let the community decide to which charity the funds get donated.

Not just that, we also have the backing of two great communities, FEG and GoldFarm.

The community that we have managed to build in the first 4 days itself is one of the best in the crypto space, trust us when we say this coz we’ve been around for a while .Some of the community members who have joined as so bullish and enthusiastic, they have joined the team and are helping us build price tracking apps, helping with content, moderating the community among other things. Inspire of having great returns already, no wallets have sold off the first major buy and we are extremely proud of it.

A team is what makes a project successful. The strongest point of Richie is the team behind it. We are just 4 days old and have a team of 20+ members who are working day and night to make it a successful venture.

Q2. What are you looking most forward to doing in RICHIE ?

Answer : The plan is to build an infrastructure that helps facilitate the process of accepting charity and donations in cryptos. Help those who are in need. Richie is good at heart and the entire ecosystem of Richie is built in a way that even if you hold, buy or sell, you help in charity.

The best and fascinating part is even if you don’t hold Richies, you can still be a part of the ecosystem.

So technically if you hold, you have the opportunity to earn passive income which comes as reward tokens but even if you don’t hold Richie you can still be a part of the ecosystem and help in the decisions like which charity should benefit from the donations.

Q3. How has the experience and background of your team been effective in the success of your project so far?

Answer : The team is an enthusiastic flag bearer of decentralization. We believe in having the power in the hands of the community rather than one centralized firm holding and controlling the decisions.

As earlier mentioned, we have an amazing team of over 20 people working day and night to build this dream. The lead developer and auditor is FEGrox, no introduction required there. Thanks to him we have the support of huge communities like FEG and Goldfarm. The rest of the team includes developers, marketing professionals, a music director of repute and design and development. The elements that we have created for the token including small parts like the stickers and the website have been a huge hit on the internet. The team is really particular about the 360 degree communication that goes out to the public and crypto lovers. For eg. Even the banner of this ama was made with a lot of thought and using the elements that help our brand recognition.

Even the music on the website is an original composition by one the team members. It has really lifted the audience whenever it’s played. 9 out of 10 people who have visited our website and sampled the Richie anthem for the first time, complimented us on it. It will go up on major streaming platforms like iTunes and Spotify soon, a feat which no other team in the crypto space has managed to achieve in such little time. We are proud of that achievement and promise to uphold the same fervour going forward.

We have been in this industry since 2017. Some of the team members like myself have been involved in cryptos since 2010, so we come with experience.

Q4 : Can you tell us more about your business model & how has your community grown since you first launched?

Answer: This is a utility charity token. There is a txn fee of 5% that gets divided amongst burn, holders and charity. The funds from the charity wallet will be left to the community to decide as to which charity the donation goes to.

Going forward, we will have farming and staking as well. Just holding tokens gets you rewards in our model.

We aim for more and more people to join the community and more the txns, more everyone earns. This is probably the best passive income model in any asset class. We love our community and want everyone to grow along with the team.

Q5. Could you please provide some progress on your Roadmap and what results ‘RICHIE’ has achieved so far? And any sneak peek into 2021 plans for RICHIE?

Answer : So we are just a 4 days old project and if you go out and see our progress, you will find us almost everywhere. On every social media platform, people are talking about us and that’s because we have gained the trust of the community by under-promising and over-delivering.

Like I said we are just 4 days old and we have created an amazing anthem for Richie. A teaser website that looks amazing with the animation on it, recommended to check out. A cool sticker pack to keep the community engaged. CMC, Coingecko, Blockfolio, Trust wallet integration, Unirocket applications all have been filled up.

We have our own Price bot in the community. A community member has even made a price tracking app and has joined our team to help further.

This is organic growth and we believe this will be the best strategy for Richie in the future as well. We have people like Wes Spencer talking about us on their YouTube channel because he liked the concept and the community so much and we hadn’t even approached him. That’s the strength and the charm of what we are building here.

Questions by the Community to Team Richie

Q. 1 What is your strategy to fund the marketing campaign for Your project that will be needed to gain visibility and build a user community base?

Answer : We have the most unique strategy for marketing in place. We have a perpetual marketing wallet that holds 2.5% of the tokens. Locked forever. This will only generate the rewards as per the transactions which are being made. Hence we are never going to run out of marketing funds :)

Q2. How do you plan to promote your project in various countries where English is not spoken very well? Do you have a local community so they can better understand your project?

Answer : We have thought about this and we are in the process of lining up several AMA’s just like this one in major TG groups in different languages. We will have translators to help us reach these groups to start with.

We also already have community members building groups of our own in different languages for different countries. For e.g. We already have a Spanish group doing a fine job and we will have a French group coming soon too. If we get major traction from a certain region, we’ll immediately have groups set up for those as well.

As for marketing in these regions, we are reaching out to huge influencers to get our message and work across to their audiences. We will also promote this on different groups in other languages on social media platforms. We are sure once you join our community, you will be compelled to stay. We are so glad to have developed that trust so early on.

Q3. This Is a very new project, what do you think you need to do to be a very successful project, do you have any plans to build a strong and thriving community along the way?

Answer : We are very young. Only 4 days now and have a super strong community already. We urge you to join @LFGRichie even if you don’t plan to invest or hold. You will see the community has built a strong relationship amongst themselves. Also by joining you are helping in making decisions towards charity, if nothing join in to earn some good karma:)

Q.4 It strikes me that Richie is focused on the community and wants to make donations and beneficiary incentives. Can you tell us more about these donations and what role exactly does the community play in Richie that you want to focus on?

Answer : Our tokenomics has been designed in such a way that every time there’s a transaction, there’s a tax of 5%. 2% goes to burn, 1.5% goes to charity and 1.5% is distributed amongst the holders which is frictionless farming. You don’t have to stake anywhere, just hold and you will earn coins as passive income. The decision of the charity will be in the community’s hand and every time a donation needs to be made, there will be a poll among the residents of Planet Rich, which could be you even if you don’t hold Richie :)

The beauty is no one goes empty handed from Richie’s platform. The amount gets distributed as per the voting share. Even the NGO with lowest votes gets something :)

Q5. Lots of projects have appeared and issued their own tokens or coins, but many projects failed to disappear (SCAM) because they could not develop their tokens or coins, how did your project achieve success and tell us that your project is not a SCAM project?

Answer : The contract is developed by FEGrox who is also a mentor in the team. The liquidity is locked for 6months which will be renewed again and again forever.

Liquidity is on two decentralized exchanges adding another layer of security for the holders. Request you to please join @LFGRichie and @RichieAnnouncements to see the developments. :)

Q6. Let us know if you have the abilities or skills of a team member that no project can compare. How will RICHIE react to competing projects in the future?

Answer : As I mentioned earlier, our team has an amazing mix of technical and social pioneers. It includes developers, marketing professionals, even a music director (have you heard the original soundtrack that he did for Richie?)

The amazing quality of our team’s work is being appreciated so early on. For e.g. just the sticker pack that one of the team members itself made has brought in so much interest. The website that we are in the process of developing will be top of the class.

We don’t really consider a lot of other coins a competition because like Richie they don’t have the backing of 2 amazing communities, FEG and Gold. So many of our holders are from FEG and Gold and their capacity to support and build a project is now legendary. We are really excited about the future.

Q7. Can you tell me what RICHIE has done and what it plans to do to achieve our real-world social goals?

Answer : We have a charity wallet in place and the utilization of those funds will be decided by the community through a poll. We will soon be helping some major causes around the world. You can be a part of the community even if u don’t want to invest at the moment and maybe just help build the charity part of the project by participating in the poll.




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