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Crypto League AMA Featuring Richie (June 11, 2021).

Crypto League & Richie – AMA.

Q: Can you Tell us About $RICH in detail?

A: Richie is all about spreading love and happiness around the globe with those who are in need. The ecosystem is built in a way where you help by doing charity and also earn passive income for yourself with each transaction that happens on the platform. We also have plans like NFTs and gaming to make it more fun! Having said that, Richie is evolving from being just a charity token to become a Tech Token with a Charity Wallet. Yesterday was the day when we launched our spectacular Tracking app RichFolio. The response we have received for the same is amazing! People have actually loved the 1st Version of the app. A lot more is going to follow soon.

Q: What is the strongest feature of Richie which you think makes your token $RICH stand out from your competitors?

A: 1. Richie is the brainchild of experienced crypto enthusiasts. The team is extensive with 20+ members who are experts in various fields. This team has worked on various projects in the past individually. The collective experience is being used to make an impact on Richie’s growth in a positive way. Richie is one of the few tokens which went against the market flow during the Big Dip on May 21 and has fantastic returns of about 180%. When the entire market was bleeding, we were the second highest gainers on CMC!

2. RICHIE is backed by the legend, @FEGrox himself, who wrote our contract!! We are here for the long run and to make a dent in the crypto industry. A lot of the members from the team themselves have been a victim of rugpulls & we all know it’s a terrible feeling when something like that happens. So trust us, we aren’t the kinds who would do that. On the other hand our liquidity is locked on 2 platforms. Making us a rugpull safe token.

PS: If you aren’t aware, FEG got verified on twitter today, so trust us, we mean business and some serious one!

Also, there is a unique perpetual marketing contract inbuilt in this – we will never run out of marketing funds. We let the community decide where the. charity funds go and which charity benefits. We have backing of two great communities, feg and gold. Also, We make sure we’re having fun while working on this too. The community itself is just amazing!

Q: What are the advantages of holding $RICH for the long term? Are there any short term advantages as well? If yes then please shed some light on it?

A: Our tokenomics has been designed in such a way that everytime there’s a transaction, there’s a tax of 5%. 2% goes to burn, 1.5% goes to charity and 1.5% is distributed amongst the holders, i.e., frictionless farming. You don’t have to stake anywhere, just hold and you will earn coins as passive income. Richie currently is sitting at a market cap of just 14 million. We have seen an ATH of 78 million. Imagine when we break that . The gains on this will be insane! The beauty of our charity ecosystem is that no one goes empty handed from Richie’s platform. The amount gets distributed as per the voting share. Even the NGO with lowest votes gets something 🙂

Q: You Guys recently Launched RichFolio! We want to congratulate you guys for that 😉 Also, can you tell us About RichFolio in detail please?

A: Video on RichFolio details is located at: https://twitter.com/LFGRichie/status/1403034318709026816

The V1.0.1 of RichFolio has the following features (which we consider to be killer!):

  • Tracking of Richie’s market price, market cap, holders, volume, total portfolio value.
  • Richie’s Rewards generated and its value. Along with an option to reset it.
  • Support for other coins like FEG, Gold and other projects that support frictionless farming. Currently there’s no generic app in the market that tracks rewards and their value as a whole.
  • There is a basic version that tracks Richie’s but to Track other coins one needs to hold at least 100M Richie’s (i.e. to activate the RichFolio+ version). Now that’s an amazing utility!
  • RichFolio+ also entitles members to be eligible for a lottery and a chance to win 1 Billion Richie every 24 hours. Unclaimed tokens get added to the pool that the next winner gets. That’s supposed to be after we reach our destined target of downloads. Yay!
  • There will also be airdrops of our partner tokens. Making it the most rewarding tracking app ever. Don’t just learn, also earn.
  • Community can request a token listing and also vote for tokens to get them listed. RichFolio will not stop here and it will be an ongoing process with many new additional features coming in next versions, for example, listing of merchandise on the app, chart reading support of partner coins, etc.
  • RichFolio is absolutely free. Please don’t fall for any scams. 100 million is just to be eligible for the Pro version RichFolio+.

P.S.: We received an email from Google Play Store that there will be a delay in listing our app due to the Covid scenario. Hence we have launched it via our Website. Download Link: https://www.getrichie.com/richiefolio/RichFolio.apk

Q: What are the marketing strategies of your project? What will you do so that your project will be visible in the crypto field and people come to explore your project?

A: We already have a few influencers on board. However, to go all out with marketing would make sense only if we had a genuine working product. Now that we have the App launched you will see a major marketing push from our side. We have a lot more marketing material that will be released throughout this week.

Having said that, Richie is working to build a real product and we see a long term opportunity in it. As a community coin, it will take small efforts from everyone in the community like liking the page on CMC and CG, etc. Once that happens, there is no stopping us!

Q: Covid-19 led to a series of lockdowns that has had crippling effects on so many projects. What effect has it had on LFGRichie’s hard working team, the project itself & it’s roadmap? Will the new wave have any negative effect on this project?

A: Covid has really hit the world terribly. Did you guys know that 2 of our team members were Covid positive on the day of our contract deployment & presale. They managed to pull things through remotely.

During the lockdown we saw a huge inflow of funds in the Crypto Space leading to the huge surge. Crypto gave an opportunity to a lot of people to earn passive income when they had no work. Richie’s plan is to be a market leader in defi space by building products that are more youth oriented and fun to use while generating opportunities to earn passive income.

Our approach towards building products like RichFolio, NFTs, never seen before websites, doing charity, etc., is always going to be something that has never been implemented before. Things that you will love to come back to and with every new product there will be a new utility added to tokens.

Q: After my research, many new projects do well at first, but then fail to achieve good results. How will you develop your project to gain a position in the market and become a good project in the blockchain industry?

A: We have an amazing team of 20+, working day and night, to build this dream. The lead dev and auditor is Fegrox, no introduction required there! The rest of the team includes developers, marketing professionals, and a music director of repute and design and development experts. The elements that we have created for the token, including stickers and website, have been a huge hit. The team is really particular about the all-round communication that goes out to the public and crypto lovers. For eg., even the banners for all AMA’s we conduct in other communities, are made by us specifically, as per the target community. Even the music on the website is an original composition of one of the team members. It has really lifted the audience whenever it is played! It will go up on major platforms like AppleMusic and Spotify soon. We are one of the only tokens in the space that have launched a working product with utility in the first 45 days of genesis. We are proud of that achievement and promise to uphold the same fervor going forward.

Q: Most users only care about immediate benefits rather than the real value of the project in the long-term. How can Your Project convince users to invest in your platform in the long-term?

A: Sadly, most of the users in the crypto space right now are here only to make 100x without researching the project. They go all in certain projects and then get Rugpulled. My point is, when you’re buying stocks in the stock market, you study about the company thoroughly. Then why not here?

Our advice is, sometimes sticking with a project gives you much higher gains than just trading for bits. #HODL

Q: What is the meaning of your project name? Why did you choose this name for your project?

A: Richie as it sounds is not only about wealth and money. It’s about being Rich at heart. The character has arrived from a Planet far away from the earth called Planet Rich. He is here to help the ones in need and spread happiness and prosperity around the globe.

Also, Richie’s mission is to make available crypto-infrastructure to an NGO if they reach out for help, so as to enable them to utilise their crypto-donations in their day to day activities or to convert the same into domestic fiat currency – hence the name Richie, who is Rich at Heart :)

Q: So, do you have any plans for burning tokens in the future to reduce the supply of the token and increase its investment attractiveness?

A: Currently we have not confirmed this, but it probably is a possibility. If it is benefiting the community, the Team will take a call on this once we achieve a certain Market Cap. In the meanwhile we plan to achieve everything organically 😎

Q: Which do you think is more important:

A. Community

B. Investors

C. Token Price

If all of the above is important to you, which should come first?

A: COMMUNITY all the way..! Let us make one thing abundantly clear at the outset – we have NO investors! Our community are our investors! Community is, was and will he our #1 priority.

We believe in building and sustaining the trust of our community and that is all that matters. With no investors in the scene, the only factor which we strongly believe will drive our token price, is the faith our community reposes in us. Happy community = token prices to the moon, period.

We will always focus on development and delivering quality products in time. Our community (Family) has been our pillar of strength even when the market has looked a bit shaky. We are more confident now that our app (RichFolio) is launched and once the new website is released, the community will become even more bullish and put all their confidence in our team. While all of these are being taken care of and the community shows similar support that it has shown in us, the price and value will go up soon. There have already been instances where Richie has gone completely against the flow of the market and given high percentage returns in a single day. It is just a matter of a little time, patience and perseverance.

Q: Richie plans to launch Richfolio mobile app tomorrow, can you please share with us some features of the app? Will I need $Riches to unlock certain features in the app? Will it be available for IOS users? Will there be a desktop or web-based version of the app?

A: We have already launched RichFolio.

Go download: https://getrichie.com/richiefolio/RichFolio.apk

You need to hold only 100Million Coins to unlock the pro Version.

Q: Do you have any YouTube channel or website for this project? From where we can learn something?

A: We have a youtube Channel


Our Website is www.getrichie.com.

Taking this opportunity I would like to inform you all about our swanky new 360° Website which is being developed at the moment. Sharing a few glimpses.

Q: If the market is bearish, will your token dump? Do you have any plan prepared for such a bear market? How will you handle the panic sell?

A: If the BTC goes down it is inevitable for all the alt coins and Community Tokens to fall.

In that scenario the price will get affected but once things stabilize projects like ours with strong Moran’s, Community and team will rise up faster than the others breaking all the ATH’s.

It’s just a matter of time. All we need is Trust & Diamond Fucking Hands. 💎

Planet Rich: Also how about I share a sneak peak of our new ad with you guys before anyone else.

A glimpse of the ad shoot at a location. Will be out soon. You guys are the first ones to see this.




Richie is flamboyant, good at heart, lives lavishly & belongs to Planet Rich. His Best Friend? Billion Woof Woof